TT Report 5-24-2012

Ten hill climbers disregarded the winter weather advisory Thursday night to post fast opening times at the first time trial of the year. After spotting Robert, Randall, and others making a few too many warm-up trips to Unionville, we decided we best use our “window of opportunity”. Rebecca started the group off at 6:30, no not 6:00, just in time for Jadin to hustle to the back of the line-up. Word on the road was a crosswind on the way up, but apparently none too noticeable to those of us who are too “chickenshit” for clip pedals. Skies were overcast, no rain, no snow, not even a tornado. Times as follows:

1. Robert Ray 17:11
2. Josh Quarles 17:15
3. Mark Brooke 17:59
4. Greg Wirth 18:13
5. Randall Green 18:55
6. Byron Deford19:17
7. Jadin Van Steenvort 20:28

1. Hannah Seifert 20:13
2. Jen Griggs 23:42
3. Rebecca Shaw 28:55

According to Greg, these were probably the best conditions we’ll see all year, despite the chilly ride back to the parking lot for awards. Although I don’t doubt we would all like to accumulate three more Spring Meadow Triathlon water bottles this summer, we have decided to change things up. Two awards are given each week, with one being a bit more substantial than the other. I was honored to draw for the first prize, but despite looking away, could not help myself from drawing my own number. After getting the cheating over with, Greg did walk away with a flashy pair of bike gloves.

This year, being all about fairness, we have an equal hill to valley ratio. Come out to the valley next week for more fun. It may be summer by then, but probably not.

Ann and Hannah